Vladimir Potanin Foundation: 

Arts, Education, and Philanthropy



How does a Russian foundation build a new generation of leaders who are critical thinkers, self-reflective, willing to challenge themselves, and committed to helping others? How does it expand knowledge and bring professionalism to the fields of arts and culture and education? How does it build a philanthropic community where charitable institutions have not been part of the culture for decades?



The Vladimir Potanin Foundation case examines how the first private foundation in Russia blended its founder’s business savvy with the expertise of senior staff in grantmaking, partnership development, and the creative use of capital to shape a new model for philanthropy.


This case study is available in English for purchase through the Case Centre. For the Russian version of this case, please contact Suzanne Lamoreaux at slamoreaux@pfcsocialimpact.org.




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Photo courtesy of Vladimir Potanin Foundation