creative partners

Photo courtesy of Limpio Designs

our creative team

We work with a remarkable creative team, from graphic designers to graffiti/community artists, to make our work professional, personal, and fun. We deeply value the talents of our “right brain” friends and allies. Much appreciation to:


Sarah Hesterman, Videographer

Brandon Johnson, Web Developer

Ellen Parker Bibb, Designer

One Production Place, Videography

Limpio Designs, Designers and Artists

Schulte Design, Designer

Lori Walek, Designer and Web Developer

The Kenyon Consortium, Designers and Web Developers


We also work with gifted photographers whose images are found throughout our site:


Mark Luinenburg who as a former photojournalist has a great sense of style and, in equal measure, a fantastic sense of humor. He captures quintessential American images—our days at the State Fair, Cinco de Mayo parades, and Elvis Days.


Mark Tuschman has traveled widely capturing images of the courage women and girls around the globe exhibit while living with the hardships of poverty, childhood marriages and early motherhood, slavery, and abuse.