Good Food, Great Kids


What are we learning about the growing field of healthy food provision to children in their formative years? Are there ideas from on-the-ground practitioners in early childcare and education settings that we can leverage for nation-wide impact? What policy implications does this work hold, and how can we work with decision makers to ensure that healthy, quality food makes its way to our youngest children and their families?


Partnering with National Farm to School Network and BUILD Initiative’s QRIS National Learning Network, pfc has developed a set of case studies that examine the growing movement to bring healthy and wholesome food to children ages 0 to five in settings that prepare them for school, highlighting best practices from service providers on the leading edge of this work. Cases will also consider how policy development and reform can be a great support to ensuring the health and early development of children in vulnerable and hard to reach communities.


These case studies are part of our Good Food, Great Kids initiative. See an overview of the new insights case study now on our Focus on Food page.

An Executive Summary can be downloaded here

The full new insights case study can be found here, while the policy study can be accessed here



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