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Center for Neighborhood Technology

The Brief:

The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) is an innovative think and do tank that advances the sustainability of cities by developing, testing, and incubating data-driven strategies and tools to create and maintain livable communities in Chicago, the Midwest, and across the United States. By researching and testing the benefits of urban sustainability models, CNT has been able to respond to constantly evolving environmental threats in ways that take into account people, place, and prosperity. As it prepared to embark upon its 35th year, CNT sought to better understand the essential characteristics that had made it successful, address the internal and external barriers to growth, and identify areas of strategic opportunity to ensure long-term impact supporting livable communities.

The Solution:

Working closely with CNT's leadership team and board members, pfc undertook an organizational assessment to help CNT tackle its primary concerns about the future. Using a Deliberate Leadership analysis, we reviewed organizational systems, the governance structure, the revenue model and funding strategies, and the management and staffing structure. Our report confirmed CNT as a leader in next generation thinking about sustainability and the use of technology in making communities more livable. Our recommendations centered around prioritizing what CNT does best in order to maximize capacity and implement financially viable funding models. To make the fundraising planning more inclusive of the whole organization, we developed a Lamisi-style funder landscape analysis with a focus on exploring impact investing.