Recently I went to a regulatory meeting organised by the

World Bank. Because of the demographics of people working

in capital markets, it was no surprise that, out of about 100

people there, only 10 were women. But I was the only woman

who spoke and actually addressed the issue of gender inequality.  Afterwards, some of the women present came up to me and

thanked me for my contribution. That is what the programme has

done for me: it has helped me find my voice.


                        — Suzyo Ngandu, Bank Secretary,

Zambia National Commercial Bank


Photo courtesy of Alchemy Women in Leadership

It was a great pleasure to be part of the

leadership course you led. It was indeed an inspiration for all of us and personally I feel

refilled for my leadership.


                        — Lena Nordstrom,

Swedish Ambassador to Zambia



I loved the course and would like to 

recommend it to others who missed out to be included in the next one. As for me, I take with

me my learnings as a rebranded Leader—DELIBERATE AND FEARLESS!


              — Chikwe Mbweeda,

Program Director, CARE International




The course was very transformational. I am able

to apply what I learned to every area of my life.


                        — Dr. Emelia Bwalya,

Management Analyst at Cabinet Office

Women Transforming Leadership

The Brief:

Research shows that the global problems of the 21st century require leaders with skills such as collaboration, empathy, and team-building—skills that many women leaders offer in spades. Yet worldwide, women hold approximately one in five senior management roles, and fewer than one in ten businesses have a female CEO. In countries with the most challenging problems, women frequently possess the skills needed to adapt to complexity and find new solutions but face traditional patriarchal systems that undervalue women and exclude them from leadership roles.


The Solution:

With global experts in women’s rights, philanthropy, and leadership development, pfc

created, branded, and has taught Women Transforming Leadership (WTL) at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. More than 70 talented women from 15 countries have participated in this intensive course, which combined state-of-the-art research about the tools women need to reach their full potential as Deliberate Leaders with Oxford’s 800-year tradition of developing global changemakers.


To ensure women around the world benefit from the leadership learning opportunities of WTL, pfc partnered with Alchemy Women in Leadership (Zambia) and the United Nations Development Program to create Women, Power, Change (WPC). This innovative leadership development program meets the multiple needs of women changemakers where they live and work.


The first session offered 50 women from Zambia a world-class professional enrichment

program guided by leading instructors, mentors, and peers. Participants in both sessions have left the class with personally tailored action plans and group strategies based on the best social sector research to enable them to overcome the subtle or overt systems that limit their potential as powerful women leaders. pfc’s ongoing work with the Council on Foundations led to the development of Women, Leadership, and Social Change, an educational program specifically tailored to help women leaders in philanthropy discover and enhance their natural abilities to create and advance social change.


pfc has developed a workbook for women leaders as they seek to become Deliberate Leaders and implement social change strategies. Copies can be purchased on the resources page.