tools for doing no harm

as the private sector is being called upon to invest more in social purpose. How do colleagues from finance who are new to social change—do no harm—when tacking Wicked Problems. pfc has several tools and approaches to help social and impact investors accelerate positive impact and avoid harm center by gathering and making sense of community feedback. First, we use Deliberate Leadership to puts communities at the center of the investment and builds out an investment strategy from the ground up. 

We also use a human security framework developed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to help investors understand the system in which they operate.  Using this framework—illustrated in Figure 1—we created an assessment matrix that enables investors to assess potential positive or negative impacts on beneficiaries. This matrix shown in Figure 2 enables investors to understand whether an investment has a positive, negative, or neutral effect on personal, economic, community, environmental, education, food, political and health security? Or, does the investor need more information? The Human Security matrix offers an objective tool for investors to understand and analyze the complex interrelated issues they will encounter in social change deal making.

Figure 1: Human Security


Figure 2: Human Security Matrix


Figure 2: Human Security Index: Rating Matrix