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good, evil, wicked: the art, science, and business of giving 

Through 1,200 interviews with leaders from  India, Russia, China, Brazil, several countries in Africa, Europe, and the US, we are gathering frank, discerning, and inspiring insights into what works, what doesn’t, and what is being learned. These are stories of success, of failure, of what to scale, and what to avoid. They illustrate how new and seasoned leaders blend business, science, and art into creating change. 


Our collected illustrations of Deliberate Leadership in social change will be captured in a forthcoming book Good, Evil, Wicked: The Art, Science, and Business of Giving and The Promise and Perils of Social Finance: Big Finance and Big Tech's Impact on the World's Poor by Palgrave Macmillan. These books feature Deliberate Leaders and 20 case studies.


case studies

Case studies make the experiences of Deliberate Leadership tackling wicked problems real while raising important questions for the field. They are both real-time and timeless teaching tools designed to help a fast growing and evolving social investing community mature. Cases raise issues of ethics, how to build strong teams and collaborations, and how to ensure candor becomes part of the DNA of an organization. Our cases (highlighted below) are taught in classrooms around the world and made available through the Case Centre, online venues, and will be part of a new teaching series using webinars as a global learning tool.

case studies

UBS Optimus Foundation: From Giving to Investing
Launching the Working Capital Fund: A Case Study of Humanity United
Investing in Climate Action and Clean Energy Access: Views through a Gender Lens
Ivey, Suncor Energy, and McConnell Foundations: Social Finance Strategies for a Canadian Low-Carbon Economy
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation: The Power of Feedback
The Kresge Foundation: Building Sustainable Cities through Blended Capital
Silicon Valley Community Foundation: Silicon Valley Technology and Social Change
Silicon Valley Community Foundation: The World Is Home
Afram Plains: Ethics & Impact Investing
Mellon Capital & McKnight Foundation:
Building a Carbon Efficiency Strategy
Hewlett & Packard Foundations:
Creating ClimateWorks Foundation
WKKF Mission Driven Investment:
Leadership in Impact Investing
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