You may have the greatest bunch of individual

stars in the world, but if they don't play together,

the club won't be worth a dime.


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deliberate leadership

That organizational culture drives organizational strategy—or, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast"—is a truism often attributed to business guru Peter Drucker." Bill Aulet of the MIT Sloan School of Management goes further: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast, technology for lunch, and products for dinner, and soon thereafter everything else." Yet too often a healthy organizational culture—both for the donor/investor and for the partner—is ignored or its importance minimized. 


Our 1,200 interviews and 10,000 pages of research reinforce that fact. The biggest thing that gets in the way of good work is a bad culture. We use the term "Deliberate Leadership" because we want leaders in social investing to be deliberate in their actions and to consciously embody the characteristics that will maximize their positive impact. These seven characteristics (7 C’s) produce creative (and effective) solutions to complex problems. They are guided by the best thinking and doing in the business and social sectors. Our research will be included in books published by Stanford University Press and and Palgrave Macmillian. 

Deliberate Leadership is a concept used by others in the consulting field to talk about achieving success, but at pfc we use it to help today's social investors achieve the greatest positive impact and do no harm.


strategic planning and assessment

We work with individuals and organizations to improve the effectiveness of their philanthropic and social investing programs. The issues our partners seek to address

are complex, and the communities they serve face significant challenges. Our proven approach to social investing allows us to provide insights and game-changing strategies that can transform our partners' giving and investing programs. We provide the strategies, tools, blueprints, and guidance our partners need to recalibrate and move forward to achieve maximum social impact.


trendsetting research

The data and insights derived from our quantitative and qualitative research projects around the world drive everything we do at pfc. In our research we bring together the ideas of visionary thought leaders, dynamic advocates, data scientists, and ground-breaking academic researchers, and draw lessons from business, philanthropy, and social movements to advance best practices in global change.

We know changemakers want the highest impact from their investments, and that leaders are moving into social investing and social finance at exponential speed. pfc's cutting-edge and diverse research methods uncover innovation, document lessons learned, and develop new strategies to help donors, corporations, and other entrepreneurial thinkers and doers produce measurable, resilient social change.


strategic learning and evaluation

Profound and lasting change is created by Deliberate Leaders, leaders who accept responsibility for their decisions—good and bad—and act with intention. To ensure that these leaders' visions of change are aligned with the needs and perspectives of the communities they seek to impact, we develop partner-specific approaches to evaluation incorporating the seven characteristics of Deliberate Leadership: courage, collaboration, community, creativity, candor, capital, and compassion.


teaching and coaching

We believe that knowledge shouldn’t sit on a shelf. It should be applied, and teaching

and coaching are the best ways to do that. We work with institutions such as Saïd

Business School, Oxford University, and Charities Aid Society to leverage shared measurement approaches and disseminate learning throughout the field and to develop potential of new and emerging leaders.