It is in Apple's DNA that technology alone is

not enough-it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the

results that make our heart sing.


                        — Steve Jobs

who we are

our story

pfc helps people and organizations with money, time, and vision do good. Our clients are foundations, individuals, impact investors, corporations, governments, and intermediaries at the leading edge of social change. 


Doing good doesn’t come easily these days, especially when tackling complex problems. It can get messy. It will be hard. But creative solutions can be found.


pfc was created by a team of colleagues who believe that the world’s wicked problems are the problems most worth solving. They are the issues that keep everyone around the world up at night—poverty and income disparity, food and water scarcity, climate change and energy shortages. They are also the issues that are borne most heavily by the most vulnerable populations—women, children, and their families. Whether Detroit or Delhi, LA or Lagos, Mexico City or Moscow—we work with partners to take on-the-ground lessons and help find cutting edge solutions in these complex times.


We believe that partnership and collaboration across disciplines will yield the greatest hope for solving our greatest challenges. The learning & innovation lab is a way to foster with intention this type of cross-generational, cross-sector exchange of ideas and actions.    

We also know that effective change begins at a leadership level when change agents exhibit several characteristics in addressing complex problems: The courage to recognize with humility and wisdom that they don’t have the answers and that there are no silver bullets. Collaboration to seek out diverse voices to challenge assumptions and find innovative solutions. A commitment to building community and boundaryless organizations within and beyond the walls of their organizations. Candor to speak the truth about what isn’t working and what is. It is only through lessons learned that we will make progress. Creativity to imagine different scenarios about what is possible and the risks and accelerators for change. Compassion to put our own egos aside and listen to the guidance and advice of the communities in which we work. Capital to see the value of human, social, and environmental resources and to use them wisely. We use context to understand how social, economic, and political factors that make communities unique must be considered when developing social change strategies. Scaling a strategy from LA will likely not work in New Orleans or Lagos. 


More importantly, our work is shaped by the people who are at the core of social investments—they tell their own story of needs and change. 


our principles

We are committed to our clients and partners. For us to be successful, we must do good for our employees, and for the community we all share.


We live our values by:


  • Hiring champions for our firm – staff closely aligned with our values and intentions, but with the intellectual creativity to challenge us to think and act differently.

  • Mentoring the philanthropic leaders of the future through fellowship and internship opportunities.

  • Practicing innovative and sustainable practices, including reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Creating a peace garden for a nearby women’s shelter and running ongoing nutrition and health programs for the moms and kids.

  • Renovating a turn-of-the-century house to serve as our business headquarters, believing that this investment will strengthen the community and create a happier, more productive environment for our employees. Everyone has a room with a view.


As thinkers and doers, we constantly strive to create value for our partners, for our communities, and for our team. And we have fun!