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afraid of nothing

The Brief:

Women leaders--both in emerging economies and the global West--have enormous potential, but they need strategies and support to meet the dual challenge of exercising their vision, agency, and ethics in increasingly complex environments, while at the same time confronting systemic discrimination in deeply gender-biased contexts.


The world needs high quality leadership development programs for women, but to date, such programs have offered at best one perspective. Most of what we think we know about women leaders is based on research and assumptions drawn from the global West. To unleash the next generation of women leaders worldwide will require leadership programs to meet their cultural context and unique circumstances. 


The Solution:

Afraid of Nothing unites a global network of world-class academic institutions through research and curriculum development grounded in community and cultural context and converted into action learning through creative teaching tools to achieve UN SDG 2030 goals. 

Afraid of Nothing aims to:

  • Break the paradigm of patriarchy in academia by expanding the role of women in higher education through a robust global, collaborative, action-learning research agenda.

  • Unlock private, public, and philanthropic capital available for SDG funding by activating global social financing networks to support innovative projects that advance women, children, and planet.

  • Capture experiences across five generations (Silent Generation, Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z) and five sectors (Civil society, public sector, private sector, social finance, and academia) to ensure lessons are not forgotten, mistakes are not repeated, and successes are enhanced.

Afraid of Nothing will engage men and women who want to be effective change agents. Its approach, a five generation, five sector framework, is designed to: a) help systematically teach, coach, and compare effective strategies for movement-building, change leadership, negotiations, communications, and financial leverage using multiple learning hubs and learning platforms both in-classroom and online; b) fill data and financing gaps on SDGs related to women, children, and the planet; c) research and develop transformative curriculum to help activists achieve SDG goals globally.

Leaders who participate in this program will be prepared to tap into new networks, create a shared vision, and find new partners to leverage new resources.

Our Theory of Change explains the thinking behind our Afraid of Nothing model.